Filagra 50 mg

Filagra 50 mg is the middle strength tablets. If you will consult with your doctor and he will not find any problems with your health, firstly, he will prescribe you exactly this dose of Filagra. And time will show, whether you need bigger dose on in opposite, less one. If you understood that you are not enough to take Filagra 50 mg and want to make the dose bigger, pay attention that stronger medicine needs more careful treat. Or you might have really unpleasant side effects.

You may ask me, why do I talk about side effect if producer made Filagra with a high level of safety? Yes, it is true, that in general, these tablets are safe, there is one BUT. It is medicine, compose of chemical components, and its’ improper usage can cause some problems. In 97% of these cases these uncomfortable side effects are mild and don't require any special therapy.

Although failure to achieve erection, is the most common disaster, but overdose can cause more serious aftermaths.

It is pertinent to note that side effects of Filagra cannot be anticipated. If any side effects of Filagra develop or change in intensity, the doctor should be informed as soon as possible.

Filagra can cause side effects such as back pain, upset stomach, stuffy nose, headache, blurred vision, and flushing in your face, neck, or chest, problems with blood pressure, stomach ache, pain in the groin, drug poisoning, allergic reactions on components, general weakness. This is not a complete list of all side effects. Do concur with your doctor and follow his directions completely when you are taking Filagra.

Some time you may have problems due to impossibility of interaction with some other medicines. If you are also using a nitroglycerin based medicine, any "nitric oxide donor" medicine, including recreational drugs commonly referred to as "poppers" which contain amyl or butyl nitrate, do not take Sildenafil Citrate because you may experience serious reactions. If you are unsure whether a medication is a nitrate, contact your doctor or pharmacist to ask for help identifying the active ingredient. If you recently took a nitrate based medicine, tell your doctor about this and insist on making analyses of blood.

If you will take precautions, control doses and consult with doctor, you will get only positive emotions from goods of modern world.

Better safe than sorry! Good luck, dear men!